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Kanchanaburi: Anti-human trafficking police have arrested and charged a year-old alleged madam in Muang district yesterday, for prostituting underage children. The arrest followed a sting carried out by police officers.


Nowadays however, the trade is Young bangkok girls gone. And I say almost because it's still prevelant but child trafficing is much more common now than payment for underage sex. It was a paradise for guys who liked little girls. Now you'd be lucky to meet a girl under the age of 20 in the same places as you must be older than 20 to work in them. Back in the day you could get a young girl maybe for about baht per hour I remember the girls by the train tracks were very open and didn't seem to be pushed into anything either, they keenly exchanged money for sex. Mai Sai the top of Thailand that borders Thailand and Burma was the most prolifent of child sex, there would have been 50 brothels catering to young children.

Now there all closed down and you can see the noticable difference in people arriving in the small border town as well. Nowadays the place that attracts the most pedophiles is Pattaya, Thailand. Pattaya is a well known place for sex for money and still to this day has young kids for sale.

I must warn you though this is highly illegal to pay anyone for sex let it be or otherwise. A recent bust by local police in Pattaya found a madam selling underage children mostly to foreigners she was doing this for about 7 years until it was shut down. However I have been on beach road in Pattaya and seen ladies in their 40's with young girls maybe 15 or so working, but police regularily check id's on the beach as well mind you this was meters from the police station.

The police arn't really doing anything about it because it's easy to spot someone selling underage kids, look for a lady about 40 and really fat with about young girls around her, even if there is noone around her you can easily go up and ask her, literally that simple. Recently there was a bust in Chiang Mai not of thais but of burmese selling their children for sex. There were many western men meeting the mostly young girls who sold flowers and offering them money in exchange for sex.

Their parents caught onto this and started to make a business out of it. This went on probably for Young bangkok girls a year until the operation was closed down with the help of the local Tourist Police. You won't find this in Chiang Mai anymore. Also just down from the Tapae gate area in Chiang Mai there is another older lady in her 40's really fat has about girls work for her, i'm pretty sure all of them are under 18 well so my mates have told me.

Bangkok would have to have the most underage girls working in all of Thailand, many of the little flower girls and boys on the streets most are burmese are for sale, though i've never known anyone to go that far, but as for young young girls and boys most are inside brothels that are well hidden from the public and NGO's.

For free too because she wanted her in the business. Yeah great sister hey, I declined not because i was out on a flight the next day but because that's just too innocent for me. O feel if u wanna fuck a girl under 18 then there is something wrong with you and I will kill you…. Nowhere do I say that I want to have sex with girls under 18 that is illigel and immorral and I do not condone that at all, it is wrong. Hi Chris I enjoyed the update on Chang Mai.

You must have brought up your children to be retards if you believe 17 iswrongI started my own business when I was 12 and made more money than my parents when I was They did not treat me like a baby beyond about age 4. I think education is the most important way to solve theses problems. Everyone always assumes the law will fix it but the law is very corruptable. Solve the problem at the source.

Take away the supply. Or, put another way, what is the OK age? I have heard many different ages, including and mostly 18 or Can you shed any Young bangkok girls Might be a good subject for a whole article.

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Great question Stephen, underage would be a Thai girl under 18 years old. That is the age at which legally you can have sex with her without repurcussions.

However a Thai girl is still under the control of her parents until she is Thanks Chris. So how dangerous could it be with a year old say?

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Jail time for consensual sex between Thai girls and foreigners between is extremely rare. In my experience the girls would never discuss the fact they had sex with you anyway, the topic is taboo. Like with most things in Thailand for example if you crashed your car into another persons car, if you pay for the damage and the car owner is happy and the cop gets a cut it will rarely ever go to the police station unless you be a total dick.

The same is with China,Hongkong and some countries in Latin America. So touching 17 year old girls in Thailand or USA where the legal age is 18 makes u a pervert haha. Very biased way of thinking.

Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes ever since little ones were born into the family. Name required. will not be published required. Register. Underage Sex Pedophiles In Thailand Pattaya Chiang Mai Bangkok 20 years ago even 15 years ago Thailand was a Young bangkok girls for those looking for sex with underage girls and boys. I remember 17 years ago i came to bangkok only a youngerster at the tender age of 12 and I remember going to Nana, soi cowboy and what used to be a string of bars where the train tracks are up from Nana.

Back then however it was Soi cowboy that was doing the roaring flesh trade of children. I can remember walking into the final bar in the soi and there would have been girls working there all under the age of 16, at the time i was 13 and I met girls in the bar that were younger than I.

Photo's of sexy Thai University Girls in Uniform. Thai girls that won't leave.

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A monger's guide to Cebu. About Chris Chris founded LivingThai. He has lived here for over 10 years and speaks re and writes very good Thai. Erik October 4, at am. O feel if u wanna fuck a girl under 18 then there is something wrong with you and I will kill you… That is but a baby,, do u not have children? If I see u i will kill u… Reply.

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Chris October 4, at pm. DC December 30, at pm. Chris December 30, at pm. Thanks buddy. Bentley December 31, at am. Chris December 31, at am. Stephen January 10, at am. Hi Chris, great article, as are all your posts on this site. Thanks… Reply. Chris January 10, at am.

Underage sex pedophiles in thailand pattaya chiang mai bangkok

Who is the man in that pic with those little children. You article doesnt mention it Reply.

Chris September 29, at am. Dude if I knew I would out him and help make his life a misery. Pussy Illuminati August 23, at pm. Still hope to get an answer.

Strawat October 24, at pm. Comment Name required will not be published required Website. The real cost of sex in Thailand But what is the price of Sex in Thailand in ?

Are prices going up? All Rights Reserved.

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Prostitution is illegal in Thailand and still there are estimated , sex workers, if you include all the freelancers and sideline girls it gets close to a million.


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Bangkok is the most visited city in the world by now, and there are more than just one or two reasons for this:.