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If the Covid pandemic changed anything about fitness, it was the boom of the home gym. Creating a a home training space became not just a luxury, but an essential option for desperate exercisers as most health clubs and gyms were closed. And even as spaces begin to open back up, many of us are still enjoying our new at-home fitness routines. But thanks to the pandemic, people are realizing that a minute class on an app at home or a circuit using water jugs as weights can be a good workout for the day," Matt Delaney, manager of innovation at Equinox, recently told Men's Health. And creating a fully-stocked at-home gym is still a priority.


Overcustomers and 40, product reviews. Over Million Sqft of Flooring Covered. Price Match Guarantee. Free Samples Samples. Call Us . Live Chat. Track Order.

Monthly Deals Buyer's Guide. All Acoustic Tiles. Vinyl Flooring Linoleum vs. Underlayment All Underlayment. Complete Your Order. Rubber Flooring Inc. But wait! The floor is one of the most essential pieces in your home gym. Get started on your home gym with our top options for home gym flooring. Use this guide to choose from rubber, foam, carpet, turf, or vinyl, and find the best option for you.

Rubber Gym Flooring Rubber is the premier gym flooring option. While you have many choices when it comes to gym flooring options, rubber is the most versatile, lending itself to just about any workout. It is also the most likely to protect your subfloor from the impact of heavy weights while you lift. Rubber gym flooring is available in tiles, rolls, and mats.

Gym flooring

Each option has a wide range of thickness options to suit your needs. To make your space look sharp, you can choose between a wide variety of color and color fleck options.

My gym uses the orange color fleck rolls to match their orange accent wall. You have lots of possibilities. Rubber Gym Floor Tiles Rubber tiles are the most popular home gym flooring option on the market. They are durable, affordable, and known for their easy, DIY, interlocking installation.

Interlocking foam gym floor workout fitness tile pebble

Homeowners love that installing rubber tiles is just like putting together a giant, life-size rubber puzzle. Each tile contains interlocking edges that fit together in seconds. Choose from multiple thickness options to find the right choice to protect your subfloor.

If you plan to drop some lb.

Shop Rubber Tiles. Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls Rubber rolls are known for their seamless appearance. When installed correctly, it is nearly impossible to see where one roll ends and another begins. Rubber gym flooring rolls come in a variety of different thickness options to suit your needs.

You can even purchase high-impact rubber rolls specially deed to keep your ts safe during high-impact, plyometric movements. Shop Rubber Rolls. Especially if you are working on your elliptical while watching your favorite reality tv show.

The best flooring options for your home gym

But seriously, sometimes you just need to cover a small area, for example, a weightlifting station, underneath your treadmill, or just a small space to do your ab work without your tailbone digging into your tile floor. Rubber mats are perfect for that! Shop Rubber Mats. Pros of Rubber Flooring Easy to install: Whether you choose tiles, rolls, or mats, you can install rubber flooring in your home gym without the help of an installation professional.

Just make sure you have some friends to help if you choose rubber rolls because they get pretty heavy. Ultra-durable: Rubber flooring is perhaps the most durable home gym flooring option available. You will even see rubber flooring installed in ice skating rinks where skaters walk with their ice skates. Best shock absorption: For tough workouts and heavy weights, rubber gym flooring will absorb the shock, keeping your ts and subfloor safe and sound.

Easy to clean: Just vacuum or use a damp mop when necessary. Water-resistant: Sweat your heart out and create your home gym on any level, including your basement. Excellent sound absorption: Drop those weights and pound away on the treadmill — rubber will help absorb the sound and keep your neighbors from hating you. Cons of Rubber Gym Flooring Weight: With all that durability comes a pretty bulky floor that weighs quite a bit.

Little temperature insulation: Rubber is a bad insulator against temperature transmission. When you use rubber on cold basement subfloors, the rubber will still feel cold to the touch. However, rubber works well over heated flooring systems. Price: Some rubber home gym flooring options to get pretty pricey. Although it may not always be the cheapest option, it does typically provide the best value. Smell: New rubber flooring sometimes comes with a distinct rubber odor. Fortunately, you can address this by mopping the flooring with a mix of soap and water a few times and keeping the area well-ventilated.

Rubber Gym Flooring Installation. Shop All Rubber Gym Flooring.

With tons of fun colors and beautiful wood looks to choose from, you can easily jazz up your space with this popular home gym flooring option. Foam is great for bodyweight exercises and light workouts. Installation is truly a DIY dream. Just lay your foam down, interlock the tiles if you choose tilesand voila!

Foam gym flooring in minutes, I mentioned that rubber flooring is pretty heavy.

Best home gym & workout room flooring options

Foam is super light, more like a long-distance runner. Foam gym flooring is typically sold in interlocking tiles and mats. The tiles are most commonly referred to as soft tiles, foam tiles, or puzzle lock tiles. Choose from different thicknesses and looks to find the perfect foam home gym flooring for your space.

They give you the cost of foam Work out room flooring flooring with the versatility and durability of rubber. These soft foam tiles can take the abuse of heavy weights and plyometric jumping movements. Our HD Soft Tiles are made from high-density foam, making them durable to stand up to your heavy power cleans. They are so sturdy, you can even use them for horse stalls! Lots of cushion: This is ideal for athletes who do a lot of floor work such as sit-ups and stretching. Safe for kiddos: Parents love that foam tiles also provide a safe surface for kiddos, absorbing the shock of those learning-to-walk tumbles.

Go ahead and make the most out of your space, using it as a home gym and play area. Lightweight: Foam gym flooring is super light, which makes it super portable. Color and look options: Many home users also choose foam tiles since they can mix and match colors to form custom des like checkerboard or border patterns.

No sharp objects: You can easily puncture, cut, or slice foam with sharp objects. Foam Gym Flooring Installation. Foam gym flooring is super easy to install on your own in just minutes.

You have a few options when it comes to installation methods. Loose lay home gym flooring: If you are loose laying your foam flooring after you lay it down, you are done! With this method, you can easily pick it up and move it at any time. Double-sided tape: Since foam is lightweight, it can require a little security to keep it in place during your workouts.

For a more stable environment, consider using double-sided carpet tape around the perimeter of your floor.

Best home gym flooring options

This is extremely easy and you will still be able to transport your foam gym flooring if you change locations. Shop Foam Gym Flooring. All-purpose, relatively inexpensive, comfortable to the touch, and fairly easy to clean and maintain, carpet is an excellent home gym flooring solution. Instead, for home gym flooring, we recommend a short, thin, low-pile carpet. Low-pile is usually much more durable than fluffy shag or even soft Berber style carpets often found in homes. Commercial-grade carpet also works very well for home gyms due to its tight-knit loops.

One other form of carpet often used for exercise flooring is interlocking carpet tiles.

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An excellent solution for an economical and easy to install home exercise room flooring is the Gym Workout Flooring Pebble Top.