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Once I heard about a girl who on leaving prison, decided the best way to turn her life around was to find a man and have. It became a running joke with my friend. Then I had a baby and turned my life around.


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Type your question. Enter more details. I'm thinking of the current episode of Girls and its got me wondering how most guys would feel about that? Assuming the girl is keeping the baby and isn't asking for anything, just informing you, and she's someone you barely remember, would you prefer to know, not know, or it makes no difference as long as she keeps you out of it? Or would you want to be a part of the kids life? Would you offer child support or not? What if she planned on giving it up for adoption or planned on aborting?

Would that make a difference in whether you'd prefer to know or not?

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Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Musical Send a private message. What is also irresponsible, is for the mother to even think about not acknowledging the father as the biological father of the child on a birth certificate or otherwise. You have to think of the child's future. Having a record somewhere who the father is so he can be traced at the very least for medical reasons.

Sometimes for some health problems you need history and you may need a donor that's a close match in other cases. The child will one day wonder who their father is and when they press they start digging and find out the mom didn't even let the father know his kid even existed! Their father didn't even have the option or choice to get to know the kid or be in their life. That is so messed up! If I was the child, I would want to know.

If you were the child, wouldn't you want to know who your dad was? My cousin was prevented from communicating with his father even though his sister had communication she was a lot older. When his mother finally said he can go meet him because he was terminal, it was too late. The boy arrived just after his father passed and I know that every decision the mother made for that boy regarding his father f-ed him up a bit and he is taking his anger and frustrations out on his mom.

So it's not a question of whether the father wants to know or not. They have to know, they should know and so should the. Lying to about paternity never ended up well for the child and family and I have know more awful stories about that in my own family and friends circle also regarding adoption and secrets. If you are gonna bring into this world, someone has to start making mature adult decisions for the best interest of the child, not the parents. Musical : "The child will one day wonder who their father is and when they press they start digging and find out the mom didn't even let the father know his kid even existed!

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The kid may grow up and show up on his dad's doorstep someday wanting to meet him and know who he is. I think if I were a guy, I'd probably want to know. I don't think I'd want to know if she were having an abortion, I'd just as soon be spared that knowledge. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply.

I guess it would depend on the man. I know if I was a man I would want a paternity test before I made any decisions. Yanni Send a private message. I would like yo know. Since i was stupid enough to make a baby. I should be at least reaponsible enough to take care of it.

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If she is putting it for adoption i would even be a single father i am already. So yeah. Ask a New Question expand. Anonymous I broke up with him and now he regrets? Anonymous Will he ever marry me? Anonymous Can a married man who loves his wife be infatuated with another woman at the same time?

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Before getting pregnant, I was pretty selfish.


She thought he was the one, until they talked about kids.