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Many people look but not many know where to find junk cars? There are many places to find junk vehicles besides an average junk yard. If you look online there are many websites now that offer junk cars at an affordable price. You can find junk cars very easily if you just look. A lot of people will resort to the yellow s as a resource and call the company.


Think about it: There's a reason that you're looking to part ways with an old car, and it's likely not because it's in great shape and you want to treat yourself on the latest and greatest model to hit the market. It's likely because the vehicle is past its prime at best, and inoperable at worst. If your vehicle is in the latter category and either won't start, has been in a serious collision, or has more wrong with it than it is worth to fix, then the used car dealer lot or a trade-in might not be the best route for you. Car dealerships are not interested in "junk cars", end-of-life vehicles, or vehicles that are damaged beyond repair.

Your options are pretty limited in who buys junk cars. You can sell your car to one of the few nearby salvage yards OR you can use Junk Car Medics and get top dollar.

Junk cars for sale by main brands

Below is a list of recent offers made for various cars across America. We hope you can use this to help give you an idea of how much you can sell your junk car for. The bigger the vehicle the more you can expect to receive.

So a Chevy Suburban will fetch more than a Toyota Camry would. The point is the amount of money you can sell a junk car for greatly depends on multiple factors and your best bet is to get a few offers and go from there.

Junk Car Buyers weren't buying a vehicle because they thought they could fix it up and get it to run again — they were buying it for the scrap metal. But since the real value of a junk car is in the metal, the rules of supply and demand take effect as well.

In fact, the average car these days contains about 2, pounds of steel and the typical truck about 3, pounds of steel. This isn't including the pounds in aluminum too.

How can i get the most money for my junk car?

Unfortunately, these days, a car's scrap metal value has plummeted and so too has the price for the average junk car or truck. As a result, you can't expect to make a bank for your old clunker of the metal.

But at the same time, this doesn't mean that turning it in for cash to a junkyard still isn't a viable and lucrative option under the right circumstances. And make sure that you know where it is.

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Scrap yards can not purchase cars from anyone but the owner. Also, if there is no title and that needs to be worked around then it will likely cost you more, meaning less for your car. I'm going to be blunt here, no one cares about the sentimental value of your car. You probably think it is worth more then it really is so now is a good time to take a step back and determine what you think the car is really worth.

Is this car going to be scrapped?

20 junk cars we paid $ cash or more for

If so you may want to familiarize yourself with the price of steel. You're going to want to make sure you are honest with them and upfront about the mileage, condition and the like so you can get a fair honest quote. All reliable salvage yards use the same process to determine the price they'll pay for junk cars. If the offers suck and you can hold on to the vehicle a bit longer that may be a good idea.

If it's an end-of-life vehicle then the additional miles or wear and tear won't impact the price. While towers and scrap yards will tell you they provide free junk car removal you will also find that if you offer to drive it in the price they are willing to pay generally goes up. It costs money to send a tow truck and driver to get your car. So offer to drive it in for more cash instead of them towing it.

At the end of the day you'll find we pay the most money for junk cars due to our extensive focus on the industry. Of course, "making bank" is often much easier said than done. Your best route is a auto salvage yard or cash for junk cars service, like Junk Car Medics.

Keep reading to find out. But it's no guarantee.

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Junk Car Medics is your top choice of places that buy cars near you. And we'll prove it. As you'll see, most of the vehicles older than 10 years are selling for A LOT right now! Step 2: Determine what the car is really worth.

Is my junk car worth $ currently?

Step 4: Decide if you are going to sell. Step 5: Offer to drive your car in, if possible. About The Author.

Felix Maxwell Felix Maxwell has been around cars his whole life and runs our operations. He's here to help you learn about our service and thie industry. Sell Junk Car.

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If you are looking for a place to sell that car that does not work anymore or are hunting for good spare parts for your vehicle, you have arrived at the right place.