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As a professor of philosophy at Boston College and a fellow at the Center for Student Formation, Cronin has met hundreds of students in her more than 20 years of teaching, counseling, and mentoring at the Jesuit university.


The film had a one-day screening in theaters on Tuesday. Directed by Jonathan Cipiti, The Dating Projects presents the stories of regular people and their experiences with relationships—or lack thereof.

The film follows five people. The others are regular people of varying ages—Cecelia, Rasheeda, and Chris— spread out across the country.

‘dating project’ documentary features cronin’s famous date asment

While Chilton and Mahmood are simply on asment for extra credit by Cronin, these other three people are experiencing real difficulty forming meaningful and long term romantic relationships. The Dating Project criticizes hookup culture—a society that prioritizes and socially rewards people who engage in short-term encounters based only on physical attraction.

While Cronin, Chiltonm and Mahmood occupy a large part of this film, their involvement with the overall project is actually fairly minimal. The filmmakers had been working with and filming these three people across the country for almost a year by the time they got to campus, but the filming at BC took a much shorter time. When the crew of The Dating Project arrived, they found themselves staying longer than they had planned. They asked Cronin whether she had any students who would be willing to be interviewed for the movie.

Two students, Chilton and Mahmood, volunteered. While Cronin is pleased with the way The Dating Project turned out, she and her students had very little oversight on the production itself.

There was no money or anything. The film does not present a religious view of this situation directly—Rasheeda discusses her personal views on religion and her desire to find someone who shares those views.

It seems that students appreciate her candor on the subject, and on her extra credit opportunity with the date asment. Throughout The Dating Projectthe audience watches over a long period of time as Cecilia, Rasheeda, and Chris struggle with loneliness and dissatisfaction with romantic relationships, while tracking Chilton and Mahmood over a short period of time as they discuss their thoughts and feelings about the dating asment.

While she is pleased by the end result, Cronin has little desire to turn this into a regular occurence.

The Dating Project has finished its one-day theatrical run, but its website contains a form in which those interested can request information on potential DVD releases, or to request a screening near them. April 19, Updated June 3, at pm.

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O ver the weekend, an article in the Boston Globe highlighted a class at Boston College in which the professor offers extra credit to students if they ask another student out on a date.


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