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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. A BBQ trailer is one way you can keep or cook meat products on the go as part of a food truck, in a concession stand, or for your own private use.


Searching for quality used BBQ smokers, trailers, or trucks for sale? Each one of our listings is sold directly by independent owners without fees or commissions so you get the best price.

Browse active BBQ smokers, trucks, and trailer listings below. Each listing includes photos, asking price, location, equipment lists, and other essential details. Check this regularly for new BBQ smoker inventory.

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We add new listings every week. Need help purchasing a BBQ truck or trailer?

First and foremost, time the time to understand the goals of your BBQ unit. Small smokers can be easily towed with a small truck and even a car in some instances. Many of these include a back porch for smoking.

If you plan to serve a few hundred covers per day this is the clear choice for professional concession vendors. A larger smoker trailer offers greater sales volume for a few reasons. As you know, cooking competition level BBQ takes time.

The second reason you can sell more with a large unit is due to the available cooking space. The larger the cooking surface, the more meat you can smoke. In addition to looking at the size of the trailer, we recommend asking about the total cooking space available in inches as well. A large unit should provide 3, inches or more of cooking space.

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Finally, larger units will be able to fit more employees comfortably into the unit. If you run a good sized barbecue t already, you understand space can get tight in a small kitchen.

A bigger space means more room for employees that can focus on serving customers, accepting payments, plating dishes, and getting food out the window as fast as possible! Pro Tip: In addition to size of unit, another factor influencing the asking price is whether you want to buy a truck or trailer. Trucks will always be more expensive than trailers because of the engine.

Food trucks & food trailers

Trucks simply cost more to produce for that reason compared to trailers. Make sure each piece is inspected and working properly before investing in any pre-owned unit.

Buying a BBQ smoker is a big investment. You should never purchase a food trailer or truck before seeing it in person first and confirming the cooking equipment operates as expected. Never send any type of payment to anyone even as a down-payment before seeing merchandise in person.

The last thing you want to do is purchase a unit that breaks down frequently and prevents you from participating in lucrative events or catering gigs. Here are some questions to ask the owner of the BBQ unit. This section provides best practices on the operations of a BBQ concession business.

As a general rule of thumb, we always recommend writing a business plan before hitting the road so the operations and menu of your business is well thought out. You need to take the time to determine what your menu and prices should be to ensure a profitable business.

The BBQ business has a straight-forward business model. Most businesses will generate the bulk of their revenue through one of the following:. Catering: From weddings to graduations to family reunions there are endless reasons customers hire catering services.

Bbq smoker and trailer buyer’s guide

Nothing beats freshly smoked BBQ for guests. Focusing on building a BBQ catering business is a popular operations plan since you can be confident about how much you can expect to make each time you serve. Events: Any event in your city that attracts a crowd is an opportunity for you to vend. Popular vending options include fairs, Fourth of July celebrations, farmers markets, concerts, high school football games and fundraisers.

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Daily Service: When individuals think about how food trucks make money this is usually what they think of. Street vending is another option on city streets where allowed or outside of corporate offices. You can monitor the locations other food trucks in your area vend to get some ideas on where to start in your area.

We hope this piece helps you understand what to look for in a used BBQ smoker trailer. Here are a few parting tips we want to remind you about before making a final purchase decision.

Active bbq smoker and trailer listings

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about BBQ smokers and trailers. Windows up on this BBQ concession truck. Awesome BBQ Plate. We respect your privacy.

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